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The increase of smaller family units , Dink couples and longer working hours , independent seniors staying on their own has seen the demand for domestic help increase. With social issues arising from over reliance on live in maids , many have taken to part time cleaner/maid cleaning services as an alternative to live in arrangement , hence homeowners enjoying more privacy and jobs given mainly to fellow Singaporeans .

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Glory Cleaning Home Services

The team at Glory sets itself apart through a brand of service that is possibly unrivaled . This , as business founders Alvin and Angel share , stems from the different business approach undertaken in managing Glory Cleaning Home Services . In matters of employment , Glory receives no commission from the part time maid / part time cleaner and offers a competitive pay rate for them . This empowering results in a service standard that home owners have come to enjoy . This approach is radically different from other agents who just refer part time cleaners . The positive testimonials , sustained profitability and very high staff retention rates demonstrate that business management goes beyond making just a one-time profit but focuses on building relationships with both Glory clients and our responsible & hardworking part time maid / part time cleaner .

Even with a pool that is composed of mainly part-timers , Glory fields a substantial local helpers’ pool that has helped many families undergoing maid replacement transitions . Enjoying a recurring customer base of Hundreds of Clients every month – through word of mouth referrals and online enquiries , our success builds on a business model that places people before profit . This has also resulted in staff loyalty that is genuine and developed from mutual respect and trust .


Demonstrating a model of success that is unique , Glory’s reputation goes beyond that of a cleaning business. As an SME worthy of emulation , it demonstrates excellent traits in putting people first and for its utmost reliability in delivering what homeowners are looking for .


Each and every home is unique and special in its own way so we work with our clients to identify areas which they are more concerned with to customize the cleaning needs and offer a reasonable pricing .


Glory has a pool of faithful Singaporeans and PR helpers who are committed to their work and attendance , many pioneers working since the beginning of Glory in 2007.We engage only LADY cleaners / helpers in their 30s to 50s+ .

Glory Cleaning Home Services provides professional cleaning services that cater for time-challenged home owners . Offering part time maid, regular weekly cleaning services to offices and homes that range from vacuuming , mopping , furniture dusting , to part time cleaner for one off  Pre-move in , post renovation and end of tenancy cleaning . Its home services also extend to on call nanny services , laundry , ironing , elderly companionship and home care ,  temporary local part time helper for maids in transition – all part of Glory’s answer to the challenges of modern families .


If you don’t know your neighbours well enough to ask them to mind your pets or start your car engine , open the windows for ventilation while you’re away on a business or holiday trip – Glory Cleaning can assist you . For $30 per trip , someone will pop along to feed pets , change pets’ water , bring in the mail and start the car engine .

The company also offers a handyman service : for a fee of $60 per trip , a skilled handyman will come to your home to sort out a plumbing issue , do a minor repair or hang pictures for you .

Better Still , engage our lifestyle home managers on a weekly basis to get your grocery shopping , pay your bills , postage errands , pick up your dry cleaning , pet walking , collect your mails check out our home management services here

If you want to rest and relax after a hard day’s work , spending time with your family instead of having to do housework , make Glory Cleaning your choice for your home cleaning . We are committed to long term relationship with both homeowners and helpers , so in the event that you have a concern about the performance and attitude of Glory helpers in your residence , please provide us with feedback .

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