Part-Time Helpers Singapore – Grace Cleanz | About Us

Founded by Alvin, the company has been operating since October 2007. It all started with a lady who needed extra income as she was a guardian and caregiver to a young man who was disabled and was selling tissue paper for a living. After befriending them for a few months and offering them free transportation, we discovered that the lady has good housekeeping skills. Therefore, we offered her a job as a part-time helper. She became the first helper of the company.

Grace Cleanz part time helpers are mainly Singaporeans or Permanent Residents. They speak and understand simple English and are between 40 to 60 years of age.

The strength of our company is having the same helper assigned to you thus ensuring the consistency of good performance.

For almost 15 years into the business, we have differentiated ourselves from the competition in the industry. We place particularly strong emphasis on our company’s service quality and after-sales service. We aspire to excel in service, expanding into more areas to offer a one-stop cleaning service to our clients. 


Our Mission

To enable the underprivileged locals and PRs to secure a long term part-time livelihood in Singapore. We are currently serving the regular clients that have engaged our cleaning services years ago, providing these helpers a long term stable part-time income over a period of time.