Our Strengths and benefits of engaging Glory for part time maid in Singapore


1) Glory Cleaning has been in the service industry for 10 years , and our part time cleaners and helpers has been with Glory , some of them join us since 2007 . As you engage our services , please be assured that it is these similar pool of lady cleaners/ helpers that are reliable , committed and experienced having served Glory clients for many years . We have word of mouth recommendations of experienced Lady cleaners / helpers from our existing pool of glory helpers too .


2) Enjoy undisrupted regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning and ironing services with the same Lady /Auntie cleaner assigned .


3) For 1 time end of tenancy , pre move-in and post renovation , deep cleaning work done by experienced teams of Local Ladies cleaners .


The Reasons why our existing clients remain with glory and new clients choose glory

Reasonable Registration Fee for Quality Continued Service .
Having served thousands of clients since 2007, retention of Hundreds of satisfied clients monthly .
Excellent Customer Service , effective in placement and responsible to clients’ feedback .
No Minimum Period or Number for Free Replacement on condition that our resources permit .
Send relief help when the usual cleaner goes on leave during year end holidays .


24/11/14 The Straits Times – Rising demand for part time maid in Singapore 
. Families look to hassle free , cheaper options compared with stay in maids

Extract – Addressing : some customers find them unrealiable , especially freelancers who may simply decide to stop showing up , Glory Cleaning Home Services customers do not have this concern as our helpers are not freelancers , they work on a permanent part time basis and glory clients enjoy regular undisrupted attendance due to the helpers’ committment to work with glory . When the helpers has emergency or family issues , we arrange relief helpers for the homeowners .
Setting the records straight , we have served thousands of clients for regular weekly and 1 time off cleaning over the years retaining Hundreds of customers engaging part time cleaning monthly services now , we do not experience high turnover as we value our helpers . When some cleaners quit the industry due to health or family reasons , which glory willingly release them and serve the affected customer with a replacement helper at no extra charge .
We are unlike other part time cleaning agents that just refer the cleaners , earn a commission from the cleaner and leave them to deal with homeowners as freelancers (high turnover) , we aspire to maintain healthy and amicable working relationships with both homeowners and our cleaners in the long term .

Our current service fee is reasonable with our level of service , which we do not take a replacement fee when replacement need arises . We will continue to serve All customers who are reasonable in their expectations of cleaning standards , not expecting a weekly cleaning to cover the duties of spring cleaning which involves in this case more manpower when glory is rendered a contract by interior firms or direct homeowners .

We really appreciate and thank All existing Renewal and New customers who share in our vision of giving a LONG TERM livelihood to underpriviledged helpers and has been faithful to renew the cleaning contracts through Glory these years .