Our Strengths and Benefits for Part-Time Helpers In Singapore


We have been in the service industry for almost 15 years and our part-time helpers have been with us since 2007. Please be assured that our pool of lady helpers are reliable, committed and with many years of working experiences.


Enjoy undisrupted regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning and ironing services with the same helpers assigned.


For one time end-of-tenancy, pre move-in and post renovation, deep cleaning work done by experienced teams of local or PR helpers.


Why Do Our Existing/New Clients Continue With Renewals?

No Registration Fee for continual of service.
Excellent customer service, effective in replacement and responsive to clients’ feedback.
No minimum period of free replacement on condition that our resources permit.
Send relief helpers when they are on leave during year end holidays.


24/11/14 The Straits Times – Rising demand for part time maid in Singapore 
. Families look to hassle free , cheaper options compared with stay in maids

Extract – Addressing : some customers find them unstable, especially freelancers who may simply decide to stop showing up, our customers do not have this concern as our helpers are committed, they work on a permanent part-time basis and our clients enjoy regular undisrupted attendance and also the helper’s performance. When the helpers has emergency or family issues, we arrange relief helpers for the homeowners.
We have served many clients for regular weekly and 1 time off cleaning over the years retaining customers engaging part-time cleaning services monthly, we do not experience high turnover as we value our helpers/cleaners. 
We are unlike other part time cleaning agents that just refer the cleaners, earn a commission from the cleaner and leave them to deal with homeowners as freelancers, we aspire to maintain healthy and amicable working relationships with both homeowners and our helpers/cleaners in the long term.

Our current service fee is reasonable with our level of service, which we do not take a replacement fee when situation arises. We will continue to serve all customers who are reasonable in their expectations of cleaning standards, not expecting a weekly cleaning to cover the duties of spring cleaning. In addition we have professional cleaning contract offer for interior firms or direct homeowners.

We really appreciate and thank all existing renewal and new customers who share in our vision of giving livelihood to our helpers and has been faithful to renew the cleaning contracts over these years.